Located at the heart of damascus city, beside the famous Marjeh square, an old venue with lots of commercial buildings, the proposed design for an environment friendly office building is presented.
The building consist of 9 stories in total, on a footprint of 600 sqm, and is designed with the sustainability and environmental design principles in mind.

The building concept is startups business  oriented, it has been designed to accommodate entrepreneur individuals and small scale corporates to establish their business place, it offers several facilities and services for visitors and workers to enrich their work environment, and create a joyful and healthy experience while maintaining efficiency and sustainability in the life cycle of the building.
The alternating floor levels differentiate each floor to two main zones at both sides of the patio, Creating an interesting view to the patio and maximum utilization of the building volume. A double glass paneling envelope the front facade and the roof of the building with solar panels installed on the roof surface, providing sufficient amount to power the LED lightings and exhausting turbines on the roof. The double glass shield is also allowing maximum sunlight not only for lighting, but to gain natural h
The building was designed to emphasize the necessity of energy conservation and sustainability. This analysis illustrates the distribution of daylight in the building when the glass shield is fully open. The dark blue areas represent the lowest value of natural light of 500 lux, the middle blue shade is around 10000 lux, which provide comfortable indirect lighting, while the bright red areas represent the highest amount of daylight of 80000 lux.  The partitions dividing the offices area are made of glass pa
Concrete is not purely a structural element. As demonstrated in the perspective, the material is gaining significant traction in the world of office spaces and furnishings elements. The design employed a monochromatic palette of concrete, brushed steel sheets, and frameless glass railings and partitions on both the interior and exterior of the building. This airy, light-filled lobby space is grounded by the gray concrete floor, which contrasts nicely with the textured steel stairs. The rough finish of the c
A room with a view, an office with a patio! No one likes to sit inside an office the whole day when there’s beautiful weather outdoors. Workers usually wants to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine. So, why not give the commercial office the perfect space to relax outdoors. everyone agrees that these perks would contribute to an amazing workplace environment. Beyond a beautiful location, an open space at the office can do wonders for employees when it comes to their overall health and well-being. It might ev
The design and ergonomy of an office space are essential, they are the first communication medium of a company but they also can influence strongly on efficiency and results of the employees. Creating the right atmosphere is an important part of office design. A well-designed office and the tone it communicates can impact workers  efficiency, productivity, morale, and overall attitude. That same well-designed office also communicates volumes about the business to the clients and customers.
The building gives pleasing, organized, modern office interior design that promotes confidence and speaks of success to those who experience it. Concrete finish, wood joinery and yellow painted walls paired with straight, clean lines convey sophistication and professionalism, the yellow color deliver more fun and creative vibe to the theme.