This is one of my latest projects in NOAH Architects, The villa is situated in an urban setting in Kuwait city, adjacent to the coastal buffer of the city.
The architectural design of the villa is a physical manifestation of the social, cultural, and geographical patterns of the region. As the construction activity is on the rise, it becomes crucial that the contextual setting serves as a strong background. it was necessary to serve as a strong and defining precursor to all new constructions.
The horizontal cladding adds beauty and simplicity, this type of cladding adorns the whole of a longer building. We used soft and medium-light shades of colors to the wall cladding to keep it traditional without making it appear obsolete.
With the architectural heritage disappearing rapidly, it has now become crucial to revive it and re-interpret the traditional ideologies to meet the modern day needs. The Arabian gulf region, with its rich architectural heritage offers deep insight in the formation and evolution of physical spaces, this has served as the fundamental part of design process used for this House.
The decision about decorating or cladding a facade with Natural Stone is not only a matter of design or aesthetic. Whether it would be a first issue to consider, the design take into account also some other very important advantages, such as sustainability and heat insulation.
The natural stone has almost an endless catalogue of materials of all types, allow to be used in any kind of facades, This huge variety of references helped us to show the most diverse skins thanks to all types of finishes.